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Allergy Injections

Immunotherapy using allergy shots is a very effective way to treat allergies.

For patients who have hay fever, asthma, or serious insect allergies, allergy shots can dramatically improve the quality of their life. By slowly introducing your immune system to very small amounts of the allergy causing substances, you can be made less sensitive to them. Then, when you breathe in the dust, pollen or cat fur which usually triggers your allergy symptoms, your allergies will bother you less.

Unlike medicines, which only work to block allergy symptoms, allergy injections can actually make you less allergic and reduce your need to take supplemental medication. During the build-up phase, allergy shots must be taken on a regular basis. However. as your immune system gradually becomes less sensitive, you can begin receiving your allergy shots less often. Eventually, you should be able to keep your allergies under good control by receiving immunotherapy only once a month.

If simple avoidance and medicines alone are not bringing your allergies under control, you may be a good candidate for immunotherapy or allergy shots. We offer several different dosing options which keep in mnd your busy schedule.

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