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May 2016

This note is regarding my son, J. N. I'm so, so sorry that it's taken me so long to send in a note to follow up on his office visit. Life with three young kids...where does the time go? Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that his congestion improved drastically within a week of his visit. The Nasacort spray did wonders for him. We continue to give him one spray per nostril each day, and it really makes a difference. Many thanks to Dr. Engler for seeing him and for all his help. As always, we adore The Allergy Clinic and appreciate the professionalism and thoughtfulness that is shown each and every time. Best,
San Mateo, CA
December 2014

Took the time to understand why I was here, explained all details to me, took excellent care of me, set expectations- everything right! I trust Dr. Engler and the team. Everyone treated me with care, compassion, knowledge and respect. Many thanks to Dr. Engler for seeing him and for all his help. As always, we adore The Allergy Clinic and appreciate the professionalism and thoughtfulness that is shown each and every time. Best,
Burlingame, CA
"Great Staff! Keep up the Good Work!"
San Mateo, CA
"Spent plenty of time with us. I wish more facilities were like yours!"
San Carlos, CA
"From the moment I entered the reception area until the time I left the appointment, I was treated with the utmost respect. Everyone was courteous, warm, and professional. I’ve been so fortunate to have had outstanding medical care in the Bay area and being a patient at the Allergy and asthma Clinic is another exceptionally good experience. In this time of health care change, I was also impressed with the availability of the necessary forms online and the thoroughness of the subsequent medical evaluation. I greatly appreciate the time each staff member took to be sure I understood the treatment plan. I felt well taken care of and respected as a patient."
“Everything! Caring, respectful, compassionate, very well educated and understanding.” “From the time I entered the office to the time I left, I was impressed with every member of the staff-warm, welcoming and very professional. The exam was very thorough and educational.”
“Absolutely! We are so happy to have been referred to your clinic.” “Definitely-without hesitation.”
“this is different from any other medical office I ever visited”
“I have never been to a clinic/hospital/doctor’s office that has been so efficiently perfectly operated. The staff are kind and have good attitudes. The assistant nurse is so smart and listens well to the patient and reports accurately to the doctor. The doctor is extremely smart and also polite and kind and listens really carefully what the patient says and makes accurate diagnoses. I can tell that Dr. Engler is different from other doctors. He is extremely smart and passionate about what he does and passionate about his profession. He runs his clinic so perfectly. I’ve never seen such a respectable and accomplished doctor like him. I was so impressed.”
Pacifica, Calif
“Dr. Engler is very thorough in his explanations, very patient and never seems rushed. Wonderful staff - all very personable! The great attention to detail is very much appreciated and not often experienced these days.”
"Everyone at The Allergy Clinic was so helpful and very nice. Nothing is harder to do then go to a brand new doctor and the staff is crabby and rude, especially when one is sick and worn out. You guys were wonderful and - Dr. Engler - in 10+ years is the first and ONLY doctor to really help me with my 100 day cough. Thank you Dr. Engler and thank you to your wonderful staff too!"
San Leandro
“Very attentive – appreciate that the doctor and staff listened, explained things to me, and were organized. This is a very well run medical team! Thank you also for the detailed review and summary. It’s also great that you have Wi-Fi!”
Los Altos, CA
“One of the best doctor visits I’ve ever had! On time information, no rush, helpful staff, great bed-side manner”
Redwood City, CA
“Brooke is the best. She is very informative and helpful. You are a great team. You deserve credit because you are the best. You guys are perfect!”
“Dr. Engler was very personable. I like that he had an in depth discussion about my allergy and concerns and that he listened to what I had to say. Keep up the awesome work!”
San Francisco, CA