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What is Cluster Immunotherapy?

Allergy immunotherapy is the medical term for a very effective treatment to help you become less allergic. Cluster immunotherapy is a process of giving allergy shots to treat your underlying allergies but unlike conventional immunotherapy, Cluster Immunotherapy  allows the patient to reach their “maintenance dose” over a period of weeks, rather than months, thus allowing the patient to experience the benefits of immunotherapy sooner. 

Cluster immunotherapy involves receiving a series of injections based on your allergy skin test results, allergy exposure and allergy history. The contents of the patient’s immunotherapy vials are specifically formulated, based on his/her specific allergic sensitivities. During Cluster, the patient receives 2-3 injections every 30 minutes and by the end of the visit, most patients have completed a month’s worth of immunotherapy injections in one, 2 hour visit.  Because the patient will be receiving injections of what he or she is allergic to, an adverse reaction can occur and with Cluster Immunotherapy, there is a higher incidence of developing one of these reactions. It is therefore very important to take specific medications (usually an antihistamine and Singulair), before, as well as the day of, Cluster Immunotherapy. If you feel that you would benefit from undergoing immunotherapy, specifically Cluster Immunotherapy, please feel free to contact our office for additional information.