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Services and Treatments

The cost of medications has sky rocketed and not to mention the potential side effects which can be associated with medications. We emphasize avoidance whenever possible but if this is not enough, the provider and the patient will review medication options. Our patients are almost always provided with prescription samples to make sure that they do not have to pay out-of- pocket for these products. It will also give ample time to make sure that the medication is helpful and is well-tolerated without any significant side effects.

Besides a comprehensive allergy and asthma evaluation, the clinical staff does their best to provide continued patient education as part of their treatment plan. There is not only emphasis on prevention but also on proper use of their medications and the importance of compliance and regular follow-up visits to ensure that they are doing everything possible to maximize control of their symptoms.

When some form of immunotherapy is initiated, a knowledgeable clinical staff prepares the patient’s allergy immunotherapy formulation, based on the individual patient’s skin test results. Thus, the treatment is “tailored” to the patient’s specific allergies. Unlike some allergy centers which do not have the ability to make custom immunotherapy vaccines for each individual patient, each of our patients receives a custom vaccine designed to treat their specific allergies. There are numerous safety measures in place to ensure that the patient’s treatment proceeds without any incident.