Please welcome a new physician to our team!

We are very proud to introduce our new associate physician, Dr. Hana Tartibi, who will be starting practice with our group this month.

Dr. Hana Tartibi

Dr. Tartibi grew up in Dallas, Texas as the oldest of three siblings.  She attended Texas A&M University for her undergraduate studies in Nutritional Science. She received her medical degree at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center/Parkland Hospital, where she also completed her Internal Medicine residency in 2012.  Dr. Tartibi completed her Allergy/Immunology fellowship at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport.  She returned to the Dallas area to start her career as an allergist where she saw a broad spectrum of patients both adult and pediatric.

Dr. Tartibi is board certified both in Internal Medicine and Allergy/Immunology. As a member of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, she regularly attends their annual meetings and has recently joined the Dermatology Committee.

Dr. Tartibi is passionate about understanding patients’ unique symptoms and struggles with allergies, asthma, food allergies, and eczema and providing them with individualized plans that will work with their day to day lives.

Dr. Tartibi has a strong interest in food allergies, food oral immunotherapy, and helping patients overcome this growing concern. She believes that the identification of food allergies with subsequent oral challenge and/or desensitization can be life changing for patients.

Food allergies affect up to 5% of adults and 10% of children. Until recently, the only treatment was strict avoidance of foods. While some food allergies are more likely to be outgrown than others, this still leaves patients and their families with a huge burden until, and if, that may happen. Fortunately, recent studies have identified food oral immunotherapy (OIT) as a method to allow patients to be able to consume the allergic food without fear of a reaction. OIT is an investigational therapy with high success rates of gradually introducing the food in question into the daily diet. This consists of incrementally increasing doses until a daily maintenance dose is reached with most of the dosing done at home. The great news with OIT is that it does not involve any needles and can be done in children 5 years and older.  Dr. Tartibi can identify through skin and blood testing, and oral challenge (if needed) if you do have a food allergy that is clinically significant.  If so, she can discuss with you the different options available to you regarding the best way to move forward for you and your family.

We are currently making appointments for Dr. Tartibi. Please let us know if you would like an opportunity to meet with her so that she can help you with your allergies and asthma.

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