Collecting Firewood For The Winter

While collecting firewood for the winter, be sure to inspect the wood pile for the presence of poison ivy vines that may have gotten mixed in. A section of a poison ivy vine may even cling to an individual piece of wood. If you see a vine in with your firewood that has hairy looking roots, be sure to carefully remove it and the pieces of wood it was attached to. Removing wood that has been contaminated with poison ivy can save you from a wintertime case of poison ivy.

Collecting Firewood For The Winter

If you dispose of dead leaves and other plant material this fall by burning them, be very careful to keep poison ivy, oak, and sumac leaves, twigs, and vines out of the fire. The plants’ toxin, urushiol, is stable at high temperatures, and the plant particles dispersed in the smoke are both allergenic and an irritant. There is at least one case where a person has died from respiratory distress after inhaling the smoke of burning poison ivy. So keep poison ivy out of the bonfire – your family and neighbors will appreciate it!

Winter Molds & Mildew Shouldn’t Stop Holiday Cheer!

Just as pollen counts drop during the winter months, our seasonal rains begin and frequently cause mold counts to rise. If you have an allergy to mold, now is the time to increase your awareness, prepare, and make sure the increasing moisture in the air is not causing mold or mildew to flourish in your home. Monitor your bedrooms and bathrooms carefully since these areas are especially prone to rapid mold growth. Regularly inspect certain areas of the bedroom which can be prone to mold growth, such as windowsills, closets or the back of the headboard. If there is visible mold, look for the sources of water intrusion. Routine cleaning of a bathroom with a dilute bleach solution or fungicide will cut mold growth way back.

If you have any question about mold or mildew allergies or are experiencing an increase in your symptoms along with the change of seasons, please give us a call. We will be happy to assist you, get you the treatment you need, and help you get more enjoyment from the great indoors this Holiday Season.

Time For Your Insurance Checkup

The New Year is time for a complete review of your health insurance plan coverage and benefits. As 2019 begins, it’s essential to make educated decisions about your benefits. For example, are the services we provide still covered by your medical insurance? Are prior authorizations or referrals required?

Make sure that your plan allows direct access to our Clinic either independently, without a referral, or through a knowledgeable, experienced primary care physician. Open and ongoing access to the allergy and asthma care you need should be a crucial factor in choosing your health plan for this New Year.

If your health insurance coverage has already changed, please let us know right away. Our insurance specialists can assist you personally so that you get the fullest benefit from your 2019 health plan entitlements. Just give us a call at (650) 343-4597!

All of us at The Allergy & Asthma Clinic wish you and your loved ones a Happy Healthy Holiday Season!

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